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Welcome to the Diablo 2 Game Database!

We've enabled these lists so far: D2 LoD USWSCL Normal. No other lists are enabled yet!

If you have any questions, requests, bug reports, or anything feel free to contact us by email.

<2010-03-01> Back again. One active list: D2 LoD USWSCL Normal.
<2008-09-21> Activated list: D2 LoD EUSCL Hell.
<2008-09-20> Activated list: D2 LoD USESCL Hell.
<2008-09-19> Activated lists: D2 LoD USWSCL Hell, and D2 LoD USESCL Normal.

<2008-09-19> Add game information (player list, game created, game last seen).
<2008-09-19> Add search filter (player name, game created, game last seen).
<2008-09-19> Implement cookies.
<2008-09-19> Fixup UI.
<2008-09-19> Extend browser compatibility.